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About Flightsim Dispatch

Flightsim Dispatch is a database tool, full of millions of real world flights with a huge variety of airliners from the present day back to the 1950’s. It is easily searchable with as many or as few search criteria as you like, and will generate a random real-world flight for you to explore across the eras of commercial aviation together with a weekly flight itinerary of the aircraft in question.

The data is largely derived from official timetables and OAG publications. Some secondary sources have been used on some schedules, of varying quality, but more information is being added and corrected in the database with each update.

Flightsim Dispatch was created to provide context and more historical detail to your flights while still leaving you with as much choice as desired in terms of where and what to fly. Another aim was to show you all the different places in the world you could go with your aircraft rather than just doing the same route over and over. And finally, it is meant to give new life to bygone eras, and let you fly older aircraft in the realistic operations of their glory days.

To install, simply download and unzip the program into the folder of your choice and run the executable. More instructions are included in the download.